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A Florist's Mindset is Everything

mindset resources for new florists Nov 19, 2021
Floral Educator, Alyssa, Creating a Floral Design on a Pedestal

Want to run a thriving floral design business? You can take all the floristry classes in the world, but if your mindset isn't right, you'll get stuck.


When I started thinking about starting a floral design business, I didn't feel like anything special and I couldn't visualize a world where I was a successful entrepreneur. 

I had money problems.

I hated my job. 

I wasn't confident in how to get started.

So, why in the world would I succeed?



Let me ask you a question. 

When you think about your future as a florist, a business owner, an entrepreneur, etc, which of these sounds like YOU: 

1. "I'm going to give this a try. Hopefully I don't fail and go out of business."


2. "My success is inevitable. Period. I will experience some failures, but they don't inform the future of my business."

Which sounds more like you?


I was DEFINITELY in the #1 category before I really got started. Thinking this way didn't protect me. It didn't help me. It just slowed me down and delayed my success. 


The story you are telling yourself is controlling your mindset.

Your mindset is controlling your actions.

Your actions are controlling your future. 




You MUST change the narrative in your brain. You must recognize that your success is inevitable. 

Your success is inevitable.

Your success is inevitable.


When you finally make this connection, all the little failures you experience become nothing but educational experiences. When you have this mindset, you seek out the route to success because you KNOW it's there. Only when you have this perspective will you take the actions necessarily to lead you to success. 


Our online floral design classes and membership teach mindset, floral design, and business insights. If you are at that point where you KNOW you are going to be successful, we'd love to have you. Join our virtual floral design classes and community today. 



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