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Our Top 5 Sustainable Mechanics for Florists

floral design mechanics floral tools resources for new florists sustainability Nov 08, 2021
Alyssa placing pink rose in a flower frog, creating a floral installation for a virtual floral design class.

Our Top 5 Sustainable Mechanics for Florists

Every florist needs these mechanics in their life!



This is an amazing floral foam alternative. Agrawool is made from Mineral Basalt Fibers that are completely compostable. A few tips to using Agrawool: 


  • Wear gloves- the fibers can be itchy to your skin, especially when the agrawool is dry.
  • Surround the block of agrawool with sheet moss and then chicken wire. This keeps it secure when using it in installations. The moss keeps the block intact so it doesn’t fall apart as you insert the stems. 
  • Allow the agrawool to drain for about an hour before using in an installation. After it is soaked in water and taken out of the water, it drains A LOT. It’s best to let it drain in a dry bucket so it creates less of a mess. 

Check out Agrawool here



I use natural sheet moss quite a bit in place of floral foam and to contain the agrawool (as described above). The tricky part about moss is that it can be irresponsibly harvested and it can grow rather slowly. Please be sure you are sourcing it from a sustainably-minded company or locally. 



I use chicken wire for almost everything! From covering branches to create large floral installations, to wrapping agrawool blocks. I’ve used chicken wire as a base for bridal bouquets and in addition to floral frogs for extra security. Chicken wire is a must-have for sustainable floral design! The beautiful part is, you can reuse it indefinitely!



Hairpin holders are different than flower frogs. They are far more versatile when it comes to designing centerpieces. They can be adhered to the vase the same way as flower frogs, but are comprised of a series of loops that you can place your stems through. Every floral designer needs a handful of these magical tools!

This is what a hair pin flower holder looks like.



Flower frogs are a classic design tool that have been around for decades upon decades. They are heavy, durable and beautifully minimalist. I will use them for ikebana-style designs or within a vessel to create a large and lush design. Check out my favorite source for flower frogs here! Floral Genius Flower frogs


Thanks for tuning into my top 5 favorite sustainable design tools! If you’d like to see some agrawool in action, be sure to check out my installation design video on YouTube right here!


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