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Why Floral Clients are NOT Booking You

Dec 13, 2022
Giving Florists a visual aid for business growth

I can assure you- if you aren't getting business it isn't just luck or chance. There's something broken in your client journey.


Why won't potential clients choose YOU? Why do you keep getting ghosted? Why aren't you getting more inquiries?!


It all boils down to: the KNOW, LIKE, TRUST FACTOR.

Listen up, because this can change everything for you and your business. 


Getting a client to book you for floral services is a 3 step process. 

1. First they must know you. If they don’t know you exist, obviously they won’t buy from you.

2. Next, they must like you. If they don’t get a good vibe and don’t like your general brand, they will have no desire to learn more about you. 

3. Lastly, after they know you and after they decide they like you, they will decide if they TRUST you. Once a potential floral client knows, likes AND TRUSTS you, they will buy your product. 



To simplify all of the above: There is one reason a client buys from you or does NOT buy from you: TRUST. 

So, what does that mean for the florist who wants to attract more ideal clients and then book them? 

Well, I have good news. You can actually intentionally create an experience, aka client journey, that is designed to provide that KNOW-LIKE-TRUST factor. It is in your hands! 



Below I've listed different ways to work on each of these factors: Know, Like, Trust






Brand Collaborations

Visible Storefront


Show your face consistently

Share a consistent perspective

Be bold in your claims

Be unapologetically YOU


The caveat: When you create an experience that attracts people to your brand, it will also repel people from your brand. To be liked also means to be disliked- that’s okay!



Consistency in Design Work

Curated Portfolio

Social Proof (aka Testimonials & Referrals)

Strong Messaging

Clear Value Proposition

Valuable Client Journey

Strong/Clear Design Vision



If clients aren’t booking you, it’s because there is a know-like-trust issue. 

If clients are finding your website and your business and then choosing not to buy from you, it’s a trust issue. 


Tip to figure out what is broken in your journey: Look at your web traffic and take note of when they are dropping off. If you have no traffic, it's a KNOW issue. They don't know about you.

If you have website traffic and they stop their journey and leave your site, rather than buy, that’s the spot you need to work on in the client journey. 

Example: If you see traffic making it to your inquiry page, but you are barely getting inquiries, take a look at your form. Try to make submitting the form more enticing by adding a bonus, adding social proof or adding some beautiful portfolio images to encourage them to trust you and to get excited about working with you!