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Book more clients by knowing these 3 signs!

becoming a successful florist booking clients business basics floral design business strategy Nov 19, 2021
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Hi there!

As event florists I think we talk quite a bit about the less desirable inquiries...the bad inquiries, if you will. But, what about the good ones? Don’t they deserve some attention?!  

It’s really important to know how to spot a good inquiry so you can make sure your response gets you results! When you get a good inquiry for your event floral design services, you need to give great detail, beautiful visuals and a calming, professional response. When I receive a great inquiry, you better believe that potential client is going to receive a comprehensive mood board, unique ideas, detailed creative direction and a clear call to action (ahem...please sign this contract!)


So, how do you spot these good inquiries? Here are the signs to keep your eyes out for:


1. Familiarity with your work

If they cite your Instagram page, your portfolio online or even an arrangement they may have received via your flower delivery services...that’s a great sign! If you aren’t just another name in the crowd that means you have already begun earning their trust.


2. You are a Referral

 They very clearly let you know that a friend or family member has referred you to them. This, again, means you’ve already begun earning their trust and are memorable. That is huge. The ball is already rolling and now it’s in your court to make this a home run. Yes, I just combine 3 sporty sayings into one sentence. If a venue or fellow vendor has referred you, this is still great, but tends to hold less weight to them. When vendors refer others, they tend to provide a longer list. It’s still a good sign, but you’ll need to evaluate the entire situation to determine if they are just price shopping their referral list or ready to go all in.


3. Excitement!
This may seem obvious, but if they lead their email with excitement about working with you- answer this email FAST! Don’t let that excitement wane as they find other vendors while scouring the internet. When a potential client seems ready to book you before you’ve even talked, GET IT DONE. NOW. This is when priorities matter. Perhaps you have someone else who has already asked for an estimate, but with less readiness to book. It is your prerogative to put that project on hold and give your attention to this potential client who is a done deal. Done deals can disappear the moment you wait too long and they connect with someone else.  


As the holidays near, you will very likely start receiving more inquiries. Be prepared with a system of what you send your inquiries. Make it personal, make it aesthetically beautiful and be quick about your responses (reasonably quick). 


Until next time!

Alyssa x

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