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Are Clients Pushing Back on Your Pricing? Here's Why.

May 18, 2024

Ever stare at your phone, waiting for it to ring with new bookings and find yourself wondering what the heck is going wrong? You've got the skills, your shop looks like something out of a fairy tale, and yet... crickets. Don't worry, you're not cursed—there's a very logical explanation, and it's something you can absolutely fix.

It All Boils Down to Perceived Value

Yes, perceived value—sounds fancy, right? But it's pretty simple. It's all about how potential clients see your work. Do they see it as worth their hard-earned cash? It's not just about the flowers (though, of course, wilted daisies won't exactly scream 'luxury'). It's about the entire vibe your business gives off.

Here’s where things get spicy:

  1. Quality of Floral Arrangements:

    • Are your arrangements whispering sweet nothings about your skills, or are they just... whispering? High-quality, vibrant, and creative arrangements are non-negotiable.
  2. Brand Presentation:

    • If your brand were a person, would it be the life of the party or the one hiding in the kitchen? Everything from your logo to how you answer the phone plays a part in painting a picture of your brand's value.
  3. Customer Service Experience:

    • This one’s big. Are you treating every inquiry like the start of a beautiful friendship, or are you just going through the motions? Remember, every call or message is a chance to show how awesome working with you can be.
  4. Social Proof and Testimonials:

    • Social proof is your best friend. It’s the old "show, don’t tell" at its finest. Got happy customers? Flaunt their feedback like a badge of honor.
  5. Unique Selling Proposition (USP):

    • What makes you stand out from the crowd? Maybe it’s your killer peony arrangements or that you source exotic flowers that no one else in town does. Whatever it is, make sure it’s front and center.

Communicating Value Like a Pro

Listen, throwing numbers and technical jargon at potential clients won’t cut it. You’ve got to connect the dots for them. Show them why you're worth what you're charging and then some. It's about making them think, "Wow, I NEED this florist for my event!"

If you’re tired of the booking blues and ready to turn things around, guess what? I’ve been there, and I’ve got just the toolkit to help. Our Flowering Minds platform is not your average, run-of-the-mill business resource. It's a treasure chest of insights and strategies to crank up your perceived value and get those bookings rolling in.

Think you’re ready to dive deeper? Join us at Flowering Minds. We're all about getting you from overlooked to overbooked.

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