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Are You Making this Pricing Mistake?

becoming a successful florist mindset pricing your designs resources for new florists Nov 19, 2021
Floral Educator, Alyssa, designing a bridal bouquet for a virtual floristry class

What if you are the only thing in your way of a thriving floral business?

Let me ask you a question:

In an ideal world, how much would you hope that your customers pay for a huge, gorgeous arrangement filled with the most unusual and beautiful flowers? Regardless of what limitations you have set in your mind, what price would you hope that someone would be willing to pay for such a design? $300? $400? $500? $600? Even more?


Okay, let’s say that customer exists...because they do. Many, many people are shopping for top tier flowers on a daily basis. For many, money is not an issue and they understand that paying a higher price indicates a more beautiful design. If someone offers them a $50 arrangement, they are not interested because they are aware that it will LOOK like a $50 arrangement. 


Now, let's imagine that this customer visits your website right now to purchase a magnificent flower arrangement for delivery. They want it to be filled with premium garden roses and orchids and to be large enough to fill a table in their foyer. 

Can they buy a $500-$600 arrangement right now on your website? Yes or no?


If your answer there is “no,” you are sabotaging your own business. 

You have unknowingly set up a sales limitation and are not making offers that are appealing to the most valuable clients out there! 

So, stop and think. Are you pricing your flowers based on what YOU would be willing to spend, rather than based on your true talent and what is required to run a thriving business? 

Why not offer a high ticket options for luxury clients? If you don't offer it, you won't sell it.



Let's get clear here: pricing from a place of fear and feeling small will NOT enable you to reach big goals. Big action equals big results. Period. 


So, what does it take to raise your prices?

1. Click edit on your online shop.

2. Select the price on the item you want to raise.

3. Add a zero. 

4. Click 'save.' 



If you've been waiting for the green light to raise your prices, consider this your magical sign. 


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This is why I am so passionate about our membership community, Flowering Minds. We are here to help you break through these mindset barriers, skill barriers and any other barriers we have total control over conquering.

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