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Setting a Minimum

Mar 03, 2022

Event florists won't book 5-figure weddings without a minimum. Don't believe me? Keep reading...


Let's simplify this concept. 

If you were give $900 to buy ONE pair of shoes, would you go to Target or Walmart?

No. You would go somewhere that sells $900 shoes. Somewhere you don't normally go for your everyday, average shopping.


Okay, let’s keep that perspective, but think about weddings. 

Sure there are people who will always be price shopping, but do you really want to attract that type of client?

Wouldn't you rather attract the clients who are excited to make use of their entire budget? This isn't an average, everyday purchase. Therefore, they don't want to spend this large amount of money with an average, everyday florist. 


Scenario 1: If a couple has a $10k or $20k budget for flowers, do you think they want to hire the florist who will work for literally any budget or will they hire the florist who specializes in luxury events and creates only top tier floral designs.

They will decide to hire the florist who specializes in luxury events, who they normally wouldn't be able to work with in causal, everyday circumstances. 


Scenario 2: A planner reaches out to you with a $2.5k floral budget. You kindly let the planner know you have a $5k minimum and hope they think of you for future clients because you’d love to work with them. When that planner gets a client who has a $5k floral budget, do you think they will go with the florist they can work with ANYTIME or the florist they haven’t been able to work with yet due to their minimum? They will think of the florist who has a minimum. 


Not sure how to write a proposal yet? Download a free sample of a profitable floral proposal here.

Not sure what your minimum should be? Use this Floral Minimum Calculator!

What will initially happen when you set a minimum?

This transition takes time and doesn’t happen overnight the moment you set a minimum.

You will experience a lull, you will get ghosted when sending out your proposals, and you will be worried about your decision. 

During this time when your inquiries slow down and you start to get worried:

• Optimize your portfolio and ensure it's attracting the right clients

• Contact wedding planners and start building authentic relationships with them.

• Continue to create new work that strengthens your brand voice. 

Before you can set a minimum, what needs to happen? 

  1. Your portfolio must have installation designs, bouquet designs and centerpiece designs.  
  2. Your portfolio must be fairly consistent in style so clients trust they understand what you will give them.
  3. You must have completed enough events that you can be confident you are capable of giving your clients a positive experience. This can range from 5+, depending on how smoothly they go.


Let's Recap! When you set a minimum, this is what happens:

1. You create scarcity for your product, therefore you create demand. 

2. You clarify your value, therefore others will value your product as well.

3. You declutter your inbox from unwanted price-shoppers. 


So, what are you waiting for?



Find out a starting point for your floral minimum using this calculator!

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