Setting a Minimum

All event florists should have a minimum. Don't believe me? Keep reading..


Let’s get out of the flower/wedding context for a second. Let's talk shoes. 

Theoretically, you don’t normally have a big budget for shoes. Maybe you won the lottery, got a great new job, or were given cash to buy a pair of $700 shoes. But suddenly, you have a big budget for 1 pair of shoes. 

Would you go to Target to buy your shoes? 

Or would you go to a brand that you couldn’t normally afford? 


You’d go to the brand you couldn’t normally afford. Why would you try to buy a $700 pair of shoes from Target?! You can go there anytime and buy their shoes. This is a special occasion. 

Okay, let’s keep that perspective, but think about weddings. 


Weddings are really special occasions and folks spend more money on this event than they will any other event in their life. They’ve allotted and sourced money to make their wedding dreams come true. 


Scenario 1: If a couple has a $10k budget for flowers, do you think they want to hire the florist who will work for literally any budget or will they hire the florist who specializes in luxury events and has a minimum of $10k?

They will hire the florist they won’t ever be able to work with again. 


Scenario 2: A planner reaches out to you with a $2.5k floral budget. You kindly let the planner know you have a $5k minimum and hope they think of you for future clients because you’d love to work with them. When that planner gets a client who has a $5k floral budget, do you think they will go with the florist they can work with ANYTIME or the florist they haven’t been able to work with yet due to their minimum? They will think of the florist who has a minimum. 

What will initially happen when you set a minimum?

You will generally lose clients when you set a minimum, but you will also gain clients who are willing to pay more. This transition takes time and doesn’t happen overnight the moment you set a minimum. You will experience a lull, you will get ghosted when sending out your proposals, and you will be worried about your decision- but if you persevere, your reputation will eventually catch up and you will be considered a more luxury florist. 

Before you can set a minimum, what needs to happen? 

  1. Your work must speak for itself. Your portfolio must be undeniably strong and represent the designs your clients will receive. 
  2. Your portfolio must be fairly consistent in style so clients trust they understand what you will give them. 

Not quite there yet? Be sure to join Flowering Minds so you can learn exactly how to create gorgeous and strong designs + curate your portfolio strategically to attract those ideal clients.

You are worthy of being wildly successful in your floral design business. Step into your worth and start learning what you need to do next. 

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