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Floral Education: Follow along our classes using these 5 floral wholesalers

floral class floral education floral education membership floral membership floristry class floristry student online floral design class online floral school online floristry class Feb 12, 2023

Practice Floral Design using these 5 floral wholesalers

If you're looking to sharpen your floral design skills, there's no better way than to get lots of practice. And what better way to get flowers for practicing than from a wholesale flower company? Here are 5 great floral wholesalers to help you get started:

  • Mayesh: Mayesh is a nationwide floral wholesaler, providing customers with locally grown USA flowers.
  • Farmgirl Flowers: Farmgirl Flowers is a San Francisco Bay Area-based flower wholesaler that sources only the freshest and most beautiful locally grown blooms from the USA.
  • Flower Muse: Flower Muse sells exclusively USA grown, freshest and high quality wholesale flowers from sustainable farms direct to customers from its partner farms.
  • Grower Direct: Grower Direct is a leading supplier of fresh cut USA grown wholesale flowers with over 70 varieties of fresh cut flowers for every occasion.
  • Field to Vase: Field to Vase is a nationwide network of flower growers dedicated to sustainably growing the highest quality blooms and delivering them direct to customers in their own backyard or around the world

Design your own floral arrangements at home using flowers from these five different wholesalers.

Feeling creative? Designing your own flower arrangements is easier than you think, and more sustainable than ever before! With five different wholesalers offering beautiful flowers grown right here in the United States, you can get started on creating your own musical masterpiece of blooms. Plus, floral education is easy to access with resources popping up all over the digital world. Start gathering those vases, some snips and plenty of patience - and your farm-fresh floral wonder will be revealed!

What will happen to your floral design skills if you practice regularly.

If you're a budding florist, you may be asking yourself what will happen if you put your green thumb to use and practice regularly. Well, let me tell you, the possibilities are endless! With consistent practice, you'll see an exponential increase in your design skills; imagine being able to make the most intricate of creations without batting an eye! Your signature floral bouquets will become a thing of envy among friends and family in no time. But that's not all - with a good understanding of floral design through perseverance and dedication, you'll have the potential to open up new career avenues like blogging, teaching or even kick starting your own business selling original designs.So take those petals off the shelf, it's high time to get creative and reap the rewards afterwards!

Utilize the Flowering Minds Membership to access guided floral design classes, making practicing easier.

Flowering Minds' membership provides you with the perfect opportunity to improve your floral design expertise. With access to a range of guided classes and courses, you will be able to practice at your own pace and keep on learning, no matter how busy life gets. Membership provides an excellent foundation for discovering more about floral design and mastering particular techniques along the way. Explore different kinds of artful ideas and challenge yourself to grow as a designer. Sign up and experience the joy of creating beautiful arrangements that will last for days!


To sum it up, creating your own floral arrangements at home can be easy and fun. With the help of five different wholesalers, you'll have plenty of options for beautiful flowers. Even if you're a novice to this craft, regular practice is key to mastering any craft – especially in the flower design business. Making sure to have access to guided classes will make practicing even easier with specialized tips from professionals. Don't forget that’s where Flowering Minds comes in! We have over 140 classes available that let you learn new concepts and refine the methods you know best. So join us today, and get ready to become a pro designer in no time – create your own bouquets like a true fashionista!

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