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5 Favorite Sustainable Mechanics

Mar 01, 2024

In our journey towards more sustainable floral design, it's crucial we discuss the tools that allow us to leave a softer footprint on our planet. Traditional floral foam, though once a staple in our industry, has fallen out of favor due to its non-biodegradable nature and potential harmful environmental impact. It's made from synthetic materials that don't break down, contributing to landfill waste and pollution. This has led many of us to seek out eco-friendly alternatives that not only support our art but also our earth.

Here are my top 5 sustainable mechanics that are changing the game for florists who care about the planet:

  1. OshunPouch: A brilliant solution to avoid traditional floral foam, OshunPouch is made from basalt mineral fibers, ensuring your arrangements are both stunning and sustainable. Remember to let it drain after hydrating to avoid any watery messes!

  2. Chicken Wire: This old-school tool is making a comeback for its versatility and reusability, perfect for creating structures or securing OshunPouch in your designs.

  3. Hairpin Flower Holders: A fantastic and flexible alternative for creating centerpieces that hold stems in place without the need for foam.

  4. Flower Frog: A durable and minimalist choice for those lush, ikebana-style arrangements, proving that traditional methods can still be eco-friendly.

  5. Agrawool: Another eco-conscious alternative to floral foam, Agrawool is made from natural basalt and dolomite, offering excellent water retention and biodegradability. It supports the stems effectively and is perfect for various floral design applications.

Embracing these tools not only allows us to create beautiful arrangements but also ensures we're doing our part for the environment. It's a win-win for our business and the planet!

Let's continue to inspire each other with creativity and a commitment to sustainability. Here's to making the world a more beautiful and greener place, one arrangement at a time.

Stay creative!

Lys x

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