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5 Elements You Can Test for More Website Traffic

booking clients May 19, 2022

Yearning for your next wave of clients? Try optimizing these 5 things on your website to stimulate traffic and sales.


Change your homepage photo

A potential Client's first impression starts when they land on your homepage. Whatever photo is presented there will determine their next move on your website. Often what speaks to us florists does NOT speak to the clients we serve in the same way. Try testing audience response to your photos on social media and Pinterest. If one photo gets notably more traction, try using that photo on your homepage. 



Add CTA's to Your Portfolio

Your portfolio should be curated based on your portfolio strategy. But, don't stop there! 

Add CTA's or "Calls to Action" throughout your portfolio page. These are buttons that urge the viewer to take action. For example, after a collection of 3-6 photos, add a button that says "Inquire here!" After another collection of 3-6 photos, add another button that says "View more real weddings here!" Etc. Never make the viewer decide what to do next. Bring them on a journey based on the CTA's you place throughout your website, always leading to the sale or the inquiry. 



Simplify your services on the front end

Don't confuse your potential clients with fancy language and tons of options around your services. Make sure you're extremely straightforward in naming your services and in talking about them. Keep your services as simple as possible on the front end, get the inquiry from the client, and THEN chat details if you have multiple options that could suit their needs.



Clarify your menu options

Keep your menu options as clear and simple as possible. Your website menu is not the place to be cute and creative. Potential clients don't want to take time trying to understand new or unique lingo. "Portfolio" and "Inquire" will do just fine. Your menu generally shouldn't exceed these options: Portfolio, Inquire Here, and About/Studio. If you are a retail florist you could add "Order Flowers" and switch Inquire Here to "Contact." 

In short, don't lose sight of the goal. The goal is a flower order or an inquiry and too many options in the menu just steers your clients away from the goal!



Change the accent color

There is serious psychology tied up between colors and the willingness to buy or take action on a website. If your website has a bold or unique accent colors and you aren't receiving many inquiries it may be time to think about how those visuals are impacting potential clients' feelings towards your brand.


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