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5 Elements You Can Test for More Website Traffic

booking clients May 19, 2022

Looking for your next wave of events? Take real action to connect with potential clients by updating your website. Check out these 5 easy steps


  1. Change your homepage photo. A potential Client's first impression start when they land on your homepage. Whatever photo is presented there will determine their next move on your website. Your current photo may not speak to your audience as well as you expect. Are you showcasing how your techniques have improved? Is your style shifting or changing from what you're presenting?
  2. Curate your portfolio. A cluttered portfolio can make potential clients feel confused about your style and vision, and therefore lose trust in your skills. Curate your portfolio to represent a few of your favorite palettes and designs. Leave the rest for blog posts.
  3. Simplify your services on the front end. Don't force potential clients to make big decisions before inquiring. Many simply won't inquire if they aren't sure what service they need. Keep your services as simple as possible on the front end and if you have multiple options that could suit their needs, chat about that once the conversation has started.
  4. Clarify your menu options. Keep your menu options as clear and basic as possible. Your website menu is not the place to be cute and creative. Potential clients don't want to take time trying to understand new or unique lingo. "Portfolio" and "Inquire" will do just fine.
  5. Change the accent color. There is serious psychology tied up between colors and the willingness to buy or take action on a website. If your website has a bold or unique accent colors and you aren't receiving many inquiries it may be time to think about how those visuals are impacting potential clients' feelings towards your brand.


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