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3 Essential Tips to Become the Florist Everyone Wants at Their Event

Apr 22, 2024

If you’re looking to stand out as a florist in the event industry, it’s all about making meaningful connections with potential clients from the first interaction. 


Here are 3 ways I make sure clients will book with me:

1. I reply instantly to their inquiry.

I want to be "top of mind" with my potential clients. As in, I want to be the number one florist they are thinking about and remember.  That means when they send in an inquiry, I want to engage them INSTANTLY. I do this with automations that are interesting, bring them value and help them get to know me better. Meanwhile in the background, I am creating an estimate and mood board to knock their socks off.

2. I keep the booking process short and simple.

I don't want to weigh them down with a million boring questions before I write their estimate. I dont need to know every detail, because details change anyway. With a few simple questions in the inquiry form I can actually write pretty accurate estimates and then they receive my prices and creative visions faster than everyone else's. 

3. I present ideas better than their own. 

I vibe off of the inspiration they have provided, but I seek to create an even better vision that they couldn't have thought of on their own. This builds trust and shows them that I get what they are going for and can take it up a notch from there. 



Wrapping Up

Each step you take, each decision you make, can set you apart in the bustling world of floristry. By being prompt, straightforward, and visionary, you become more than just a service—they start to see you as a part of their event's success. Dive into these practices, embrace your unique touch, and let’s bloom together in this beautiful journey of floristry!

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