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You are creative and entrepreneurial, but you thrive in a peaceful space and with a consistent schedule. You enjoy building connections in the community, while needing your solitude as you design. 


So, what does a Weekly Subscription Designer do?

This is a florist who has the flexibility to work from home or from a shop to fulfill consistent weekly, biweekly or monthly orders with repeat customers and businesses. A weekly subscription designer provides regular designs to hotels, restaurants, retail shops and homes who desire to always have flowers around.


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A Weekly Subscription Designer can work out of a bustling and busy flower shop or right out of a quiet home studio. This leaves a lot of flexibility to go about this career in a way that suits your lifestyle.

Time wise, this designer can choose to offer delivery only on certain days so they don't have to work more than 3 days a week. Although this career can lead to quite a peaceful life, it can be tricky to step away for some down time. In order to take a vacation or a break you'll need to make sure someone will design in your place or you'll need to contact all of your weekly subscribers.


This job doesn't require travel and is great for folks who have kids or responsibilities that keep them at home. It's also a great path for folks who do not have children- it's a very flexible job!




$40,000-$300,000 (and beyond)

What you earn as a Weekly Subscription designer depends on how well you can build relationships within the businesses in your community. A designer can book an annual contract with a hotel and be assured they will make as much as $90k+ that year from that hotel. When a designer is able to book several annual contracts like this, they are able to truly enjoy the security the subscription offers.




If you’d like to become a Weekly Subscription Designer you need to have:

•A portfolio filled with the type of work you’d like to be hired for

•The ability to build strong relationships with local businesses

•Great SEO


When you decide to pursue this career, committing to building relationships is a must. You may reach out to a handful of businesses and hear back from none of them. This isn't when you give up, this is when you get creative with how you contact them and you don't give up! However, before you spend time trying to make connections, be sure that your portfolio is strong, consistent and representative of the work you want to create.


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You are worthy of being wildly successful in your floral design business. Step into your worth and start learning what you need to do next. 

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