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If you took our Floral Career Quiz and your result was the Floral Freelancer- read more about this path here!


You are a team player, you are willing to take direction from leaders you respect and you are ready to be the glue that holds it all together! You may be brand new in the industry or you may simply not want the involvement of owning your own business.  

Floral freelancers are completely self-employed, but they don't operate a floral design business themselves. This can be a major win win!! They understand what it takes to create many types of designs, they are intuitive on what needs to get done and work well under pressure.


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Floral freelancers enjoy community and being in a social setting. Their more social tendencies tends to mean that they are connected throughout the floral industry and are able to book jobs with various florists throughout the year.

Floral freelancers can choose to work seasonally or more consistently throughout the year. They are free to make their own schedule and aren't obligated to take work from anyone at specific times. This level of control can feel great, as long as they can obtain the amount of work they need to live the lifestyle they desire.

This career can work if you have children, but is best suited if you have ample free time and flexibility. If you do not have children or your children are now out of the house, this position can be great for you. If you do have younger children, this can mean you may have to cancel a job last minute for family matters, which never sits well with the hiring florist.

Travel is a great possibility for floral freelancers, but not necessarily required if you have ample weddings and events in your area.





What you earn as an Event Florist completely depends on your skill level, how well your portfolio conveys your skill, your relationships you’ve built with vendors, and your communication with potential clients.

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If you’d like to become a Freelance Florist you need to have:

•A reasonably strong portfolio to show hiring florists samples of your work

•Relationships built with florists in your area

•A reliable and strong work ethic so you continue to get hired


When you decide to pursue this career it's so important that you get started with the mindset that building relationships takes time. The hiring florists expect you to take direction well and you may not start off being given tasks you are super excited about. If you demonstrate a humble, hardworking and helpful attitude- this can get you far in earning trust and booking jobs that are filled with fun design work.

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You are worthy of being wildly successful in your floral design business. Step into your worth and start learning what you need to do next. 

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