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You are highly experienced in the floral design field and have an abundance of new ideas popping into your head daily. You don't desire to bust out the same designs over and over and you want to share your never-ending ideas with your community.


So, what does a Floral Design Educator do?

Educators find different routes to share their ideas, their specific strengths and their skills with florists who desire to expand their design knowledge. These routes can be through tangible classes, books, pdf's or online courses.

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Floral Educators can choose the frequency with which they want to work, but often they can't turn their brains off so they work way more than necessary. They can choose to collaborate if they desire to socialize or they can teach solo if they thrive in solitude.


Floral Educators can have very flexible schedules and this is a major perk. They may find themselves very busy trying to connect with new communities and are asked to participate in summits and collaborative education projects, but it is up to them to accept or take the time off.

 Regarding travel, this career can certainly include travel or it can be completed from home (virtually).

 This is a fantastic career for folks with or without kids. This path is a great fit for a variety of lifestyles, with the requirements that you have ample and genuine floral design experience, understand how to communicate your knowledge and are ready to mentor. It's all about leaning into your strengths and hiring to fill the gaps, maybe you need help with the technical side, maybe you need help with marketing, find the right supports that allow you to focus on your strengths and flourish.




$60,000-$400,000 (and beyond)

What you earn as a floral design educator completely depends on the relationships you’ve built, the reputation from those relationships and the actions you’ve taken to improve your portfolio and visibility in the marketplace, the quality of your content speaks volumes.




If you’d like to become a Floral Design Educator you need to have:

•A portfolio that builds trust in your skills and design capabilities

•Authentic connection within your community

•A strong trusting, understanding of your unique value


When you decide to pursue this career it's important that you trust and value you unique skills and personality. This will enable you to relax, be yourself and attract the students who truly mesh with your teaching style. What are your values that will help you lean into your niche? You may have the skills, but if your portfolio doesn't properly represent your knowledge, take the time to create strong visuals to present your work. When you have a beautiful, strong, and consistent portfolio, students will trust that you can teach them.

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You are worthy of being wildly successful in your floral design business. Step into your worth and start learning what you need to do next. 

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