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If you took our Floral Career Quiz and your result was the Event Florist- read more about this path here!

You are a motivated, multi-tasking, bucket-slinging, creative and entrepreneur. You can work under pressure. In might like the chaos a little bit.


Event florists bring large events to life with their floral design and installations. Event florists are savvy entrepreneurs, can multitask like no other, can stay calm under pressure and are superb problem solvers.


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Event floral designers are able to have plenty of alone time as they correspond with their clients and plan designs in advance from the comfort of their home or studio. They then become surrounded by people as the events near and production begins.


Event florists work seasonally, enjoying copious amounts of off-time and then diving head first into a very rigorous work schedule for months at a time. It can be stressful during the busy months, but event florists learn how to perfect their systems and hire great help. Plus, the benefit is a nice long break.


This career is great for folks who have young children and want to enjoy a large portion of the year with their family. However, there needs to be some flexibility during the busy months and childcare will probably be necessary.


Travel is a great possibility for floral design, but not required. Weddings happen everywhere!





$30,000-$200,000 (and beyond)

What you earn as an Event Florist completely depends on your skill level, how well your portfolio conveys your skill, your relationships you’ve built with vendors, and your communication with potential clients. Want to learn how I earned 6 figures my first year in business? Join Flowering Minds to start learning.




If you’d like to become an Event Florist you need to have:

•A portfolio filled with the type of work you’d like to be hired for

•Great SEO

•Relationships with local vendors


When you decide to pursue this career it is so important that your portfolio reflects the work you want to get hired for! Your clients need to see bridal bouquets, ceremony installations and centerpieces to trust you to create these designs for their weddings. It’s also really important that you connect with local wedding planners, photographers and venues so that others can be aware that you are available for hire!


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You are worthy of being wildly successful in your floral design business. Step into your worth and start learning what you need to do next. 

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