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You see the world in a different light and are a true artist at heart. You don’t want to reproduce dozens of arrangements day after day. You want to create big, impactful and avant-garde designs that can be appreciated by other artists as well.


So, what does an Editorial Floral Designer do?

They create floral installations and impactful floral designs for marketing campaigns, photoshoots, tv sets, and more.


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Editorial floral designers will work alone for the majority of the year, but will bring on a team of employees or freelancers to bring each design to fruition. Although they are hired by some kind of producer to bring a vision to life, often they are hired because their style is trusted and respected, so communication with the client won’t be overbearing.


Editorial floral designers tend to have ample free time throughout parts of the year, with large projects sweeping in and taking over months at a time.


Within this career path you may be asked to travel for new projects. Flexibility to travel may be required, unless you live in a city with plenty of projects.


This career is great for artists, folks who have children and want to have fairly flexible schedules throughout the year, and for highly skilled and experienced florists.




$40,000-$300,000 (and beyond)

What you earn as an editorial floral designer completely depends on the relationships you’ve built, your reputation from those relationships and the actions you’ve taken to improve your portfolio and visibility in the marketplace.




If you’d like to become an Editorial Floral Designer you need to have:

•A portfolio filled with the type of work you’d like to be hired for

•Great SEO

•Authentic connections within different social networks


When you decide to pursue this career, niching down can be so powerful. Instead of sending out mixed messages that you are open to be hired for anything and everything (deliveries, weddings, etc), be extremely clear on your website and throughout your messaging that you are available for hire for one thing: Editorial floral designs.

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You are worthy of being wildly successful in your floral design business. Step into your worth and start learning what you need to do next. 

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