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What Every Florist Needs on Their Website

becoming a successful florist booking clients business basics floral design business strategy resources for new florists Nov 08, 2021
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Follow this simple tip to get more inquiries to your inbox.

If you are an event florist or have a flower shop, your goal is to either make online sales or get event inquiries. But are you doing everything you can to make inquiring or buying as easy as possible for your potential clients? 

I’ve got 3 words for you: Call. To. Action.

In the marketing world these are also known as, “CTA’s.” 

Every website must have CTA’s EVERYWHERE. If a potential client lands on your website and isn’t given the option to inquire or shop your floral arrangements at the top of the page, middle of page and bottom of the page, go add some buttons right now!

Areas on your website you must have “Inquire Now,” “Flower Delivery,” or “Shop Now” buttons: 

  • Main menu bar at top of every page
  • Middle of home page after you’ve introduced yourself or shown your best work
  • Bottom of home page after you’ve given a brief rundown of your company
  • Top, middle and bottom, throughout your portfolio page
  • Throughout every blog post! Never let a potential client read a blog post without being given the opportunity to contact you! 
  • Services page - several buttons throughout, perhaps after each description of individual services.


Humans don’t want to search for a way to contact you or to buy from you. It helps to give them the opportunity over and over so they are presented with the opportunity at the right moment when they decide they are ready to take the next step! 

This is a proven strategy that can increase your traffic and inquiries exponentially! Want to learn more of our business tips and design techniques? Join Flowering Minds to access over 80 classes where we give away all of our secrets.


Alyssa x